Beaver Traditions

Walking through Victory Arch. Lawn golf. The Beaver Train. Ringing the Victory Bell. Traditions reign on this campus.

Buford dances with the band

Buena Vista Fight Song

The BV Fight Song was written by W.B. Green SL'41 who directed the Buena Vista College band from 1950 to 1972.

Beavers fighting with our spirits high.
With our colors brightly streaming.
We fight with valor and with dauntless care,
Let us shout it everywhere!
Beavers fighting out to win the game,
For our teammates, let us SING!
We'll FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! For the school we love,

Buena Vista Alma Mater

Praise to thee, O Buena Vista
Alma Mater, dear
All thy loyal sons and daughters,
Do thy name revere.
By the beauteous lake resplendent
Stand thy halls so fair,
Fraught with mem'ries, rich in learning
Rich in friendship rare.

Buford T. Beaver, Beloved Mascot

Beloved mascot Buford T. BeaverThe origins of the Beaver as our mascot go back to the early 1900s, when our football team was called the "BVers." In the spring of 1921, a Buena Vista student combined that nickname with then-popular soft drink Bevo to create the nickname "Beavers." The name seemed appropriate according to a Tack writer at the time, because "if there is one characteristic our teams have had above others, it is that of being workers."

At various times in the 1940s through 1960s, the Beaver mascot was called Mr. Chips, Chipper and Bucky, but eventually he became known as Buford T. Beaver (the T, of course, stands for "the"). Today Buford is our beloved BVU mascot.

Photos: The Buena Vista Beaver Throughout History